Battery Charger CB70 - Without Power Supply (2305002)


The CB70 (or BC70K) battery charger has two charge housings for the simultaneous charging of two batteries (models BT06K and BT24IK of the TM70 range). It has a fast and intelligent type of charge that recognises the type of battery to be charged and the charging time required to bring it up to maximum or nominal charge. The charger should be used in conjunction with the power supply adapter supplied with every radio remote.

Precautions to bear in mind:

Only use the manufacturer's batteries.
• Dead batteries must be recycled according to local regulations.
• ATEX – IKUSI (BT06K-ATEX) batteries can only be charged in BC70K or CB70 chargers.


  • Power supply (AC) 100-240 V AC ± 10%; 50/60Hz ± 3Hz (according to charger model)
  • Power supply (DC) 10.5 – 35 V DC
  • Charging mode Fast (< 2 hours) and intelligent (adapted to each battery model)

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